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Go Truck Yourself

Updated: Aug 23, 2022

A food Truck review and honest opinion of which food trucks are worth your time, your mouth and your money.

Growing up the carnival was one of my most treasured adventures. A summertime tradition filled with fun, fright, and fantasy! My best memory of that sacred event was the food! Carmel apples, fried zucchini, and Doughboys! I suppose thats why I’ve always found food truck events to be a bit carney. Carney cool obviously, think drive-in movie or Coney Island (minus the tattoo covered barker, the scary clowns, and the rides of course). You do get a few side show freaks though which always add to the fun! I’m convinced these outdoor picnic party events have become a necessity though, with Covid lockdown, social distancing, and the threat of nuclear disaster, what’s better than a truck that serves you outside with beautiful open sky, live music, and delicious food? Yeah it can be a bit pricy, but what isn’t these days and “who cares!” I spend a lot of time around food trucks so this gives me privilege to tell you a little about them. The most interesting ones to me are the ones that you’re not quite sure what your getting. I know of a few of these strange and wondrous trucks only because I have special access as an owner myself. Lucky for you i’m also adventurous and have tried a few of these ambiguous street eats, whose gourmet food items are truly something to go out for… I’m talking “this sh!t is GOODAH!!!” When I say “BEST EVER,” you can trust and believe this picky little bitch is spot on with her choice of chow. One of my favorites is a fairly new truck… Carlos Guillen is the chef and owner of La Birria Gourmet. head over to my blog at and find out more with an in depth interview, pictures and maybe even a recipe or two. You’ll find La Birria the rest of the season at Mulligans Island in Cranston on Fridays, and I believe he will be trying Broad Street for the winter season, but with the sub zero temperatures, snow covered sidewalks, and arctic winds even your flat top grill and fryolater full of blistering oil strains to keep your toes from turning into pudgy little blocks of ice. I’ve tried it and wish him luck. You can also follow labirriagourmet on Instagram and Facebook of course. look for the long line at the window if you happen to find it out somewhere because the street tacos are kick ass! Chewy corn tortillas, meat, onion and cilantro. Carlos has perfected his beef taco recipe, which he calls La Birria tacos with a short rib, ribeye and flank steak combination he created using his DR heritage and Mexican food training, These savory little street tacos come with a juicy little pot of consume for dipping delight. La Birria has other menu items like empanadas, street corn, and burritos who's flavor will blow your mind- And if you don't believe me you can “GO TRUCK YOURSELF!”

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