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The winter trucks

Atomic Blond


Done,done and done… yup my season is over I’ve been around long enough to know rolling ice-cream in the snow just doesn’t work. I gotta tell ya though there are a number of trucks out there staying the weather and fearlessly facing the woes of the winter season. You can bet though that if there not serving crispy fried fingers and grilled people feet these winter warriors are freezing there nuts off.

My friends at The Hot Potato, and Farm to Sandwich tell me they survive doing mostly catering, pop ups, breweries and scheduled events when summer fades and turns into the cold, icy friend of Jack Frost. Die hards like Rocket, Nanu, Incredabowl, Saugys and Reds man a small brigade of trucks who brave the snow and ice at events like The Providence Flea on Sims Ave every Sunday but I've done that a few times myself and can say from experience, Nope, Nope, Nope. If you happen to see them along with any other truck that might be out there please stop and support!

Cause you can trust and believe these people are more than colder than a well digger’s ass, more than a tid bit nipply, hell they are down right brass monkey baltic in there! Even with a heater, a hot grill, a highly volatile fryolater and an Alaskan parka the window is still open and the icy spindles of winter find there way through the floor, over the counter tops and into their bones… A day on a food truck in winter is like a day with the Snow Miser bringing on the freeze of the century and singing over the river and through the woods to the land of frost bite we go.

You can find lovable Eddy from Modesto out when the temperatures run around 40 degrees but you’ll be hard pressed to find a 40 degree day in Jan and Feb. I gotta give them props these people live for this stuff. They make there living serving good food and drinks day after day, season after season hoping you'll frequent their rolling restaurant of yumm and enjoy their delicious edible wares….

Sometimes working outside is great, but sometimes it really sucks… Hell, don't take my word for it get out there people! Support! Or don’t, tell you what how about you just “Go Truck Yourself!”

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