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7/26/20 Remember when the world was still a little sane? When you could go to a movie, or have a drink with a friend? Today I was standing outside Mc Donalds pondering whether or not I should get that Filet o Fish sandwich my growling stomach was hankering for when I noticed all the tables there in the perfectly manicured garden were taped off with DO NOT CROSS caution tape... It reminded me of a crime scene. People were passing with masked covered faces and walking fast with suspicious eyes. I thought to myself “WOW, THIS IS REALLY HAPPENING.” I’m hearing car radios broadcast news as people sit in their cars afraid to eat in the open air amidst the uncaring mist of what today has become a world wide pandemic. Covid 19 to be exact. A form of flu that attacks the repertory system and is passed through particles in the air, well that’s what they tell us, today it’s hard to know what or who to believe, with fake news, influence campaigns and uncontrolled Internet, information has become very difficult to decipher. . It’s so strange to imagine that in the year 2020, when science and technology have come so far, in a world where people live to be 100, and cars drive on electricity, we should come across something as devastating as this. We’ve gotten to the stage of protest. People are killing people now because they are told to wear a mask. Besides the deaths caused by the disease police officers are killing people in

their own homes, citizens are taking to the streets and damaging property, and becoming the silly screaming mean people we see everyday on the reality shows of the era. Boosting this undeniably difficult situation is the fact that it’s an election year... And it seems the government is so out of wack... Well I’m just at a loss for words, I’m sure most Americans are feeling unprotected and frightened. As I hinted at earlier, I feel like I’m in a sci-fi movie where the dead become zombies and the fight for survival is real. Identifying the problem is easy and doing nothing makes you part of it. So I’ll eat that fish sandwich, and I’ll wear my mask when I head out to the grocery store, hell I’ll even stock up on my canned goods for the next lockdown, But damnit don’t ask me to be positive, I’m freakin out here! And life as we know it is gone. It does help a little, to know that its not forever. Its just until the world gets better.

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